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Discovering the Past

Mask, Brooklyn Museum of Art
Paracas Mantle, Brooklyn Museum of Art
Maudslay Photographs, Brooklyn Museum of Art
Oxford Book of Archaeology, Brooklyn Public Library

Awesome, Fearsome Animals

Stone Jaguar, Brooklyn Museum of Art
Caiman Mask, Brooklyn Children's Museum
Animals, Brooklyn Children's Museum
Quetzal: Sacred Bird of the Cloudforest, Brooklyn Public Library

Ancient Beliefs and Rituals

Life-Death Figure, Brooklyn Museum of Art
Alligator God, Brooklyn Museum of Art
Plaque, Brooklyn Museum of Art
Golden Tales, Brooklyn Public Library

Time to Celebrate

Devil Mask, Brooklyn Children's Museum
Latin American Festival Calendar, Brooklyn Children's Museum
Musical Instruments, Brooklyn Children's Museum and Brooklyn Museum of Art
Day of the Dead, Brooklyn Public Library

Converging Cultures

Atahuallpa Portrait, Brooklyn Museum of Art
Cortes Mural, Brooklyn Children's Museum
Montezuma and the Aztecs, Brooklyn Public Library

Spinning Tales in Cloth

Paracas Textile, Brooklyn Museum of Art
Backstrap Loom, Brooklyn Children's Museum
Beneath the Stone, A Mexican Zapotec Tale, Brooklyn Public Library

Living Off the Land

Nasca Ceramic, Brooklyn Museum of Art
Metate and Mano, Brooklyn Children's Museum
Marketplace Photos, Brooklyn Children's Museum
Tomatoes, Potatoes, Beans, & Corn, Brooklyn Public Library

Structures Home Page


Animal Classification, Brooklyn Children's Museum
Dewey Decimal System, Brooklyn Children's Museum, Brooklyn Public Library
Labels, Brooklyn Children's Museum, Brooklyn Museum of Art
Graph Secrets, Brooklyn Public Library

Buildings & Bridges

Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn Public Library
Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Museum of Art
Build-a-Bridge, Brooklyn Children's Museum
Super Structures, Brooklyn Public Library

Habitats & Homes

Life in an Animal Home, Brooklyn Children's Museum
The Schenck House, Brooklyn Museum of Art
Animal Homes, Brooklyn Public Library

Bugs, Bones, & Beasts

Amazing Insects, Brooklyn Children's Museum
Skeletons, Brooklyn Children's Museum
Build-a-Bug, Brooklyn Children's Museum
Make-It-Work Insects, Brooklyn Public Library

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