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Welcome to the Brooklyn Expedition
Curriculum Development Site!

The Brooklyn Expedition is designed for children, ages nine through sixteen. We invited a team of ten public school teachers to create lesson plans and curricula that focus on topics explored throughout the Expedition.

The lessons included here cover a range of topics, from Brooklyn history to the science of bridge building, and the exploration of African and Latin American artifacts. All of lessons on the site were created by experienced classroom teachers. In addition, our team of teachers worked with a group of scholars who guided them through the content of the site. The teachers also worked together, critiquing each other's lessons, and refining the lessons to produce the final versions that are included here. We hope that these model lessons will inspire you to think about using the Expedition as a classroom resource.

Each lesson includes learning goals; detailed instructions; contextual information for the teacher; student activity hand outs; bibliography/webliography of additional resources; assessment tools; and a summary of connections to the New York State Learning Standards. The format of the lessons varies, and reflects models that each teacher knew was successful based upon previous teaching experience.

You are welcome to use these lessons as they appear here, copy them, edit them to suit your own teaching goals, or simply to read them as a first step in developing your own new lessons. Each lesson is available on the site as a word document, a .pdf file, and in html. These various formats allow you to print out files, or manipulate the texts so that they can better serve your particular classroom needs.

We would be delighted to hear about your experience using any of these lessons. Your feedback will help us to improve the Expedition site and to provide future assistance to teachers who are interested in using the Brooklyn Expedition as a resource in their classrooms. Please send your comments to dsherman@brooklynkids.org.


The Brooklyn Expedition Curriculum Project was coordinated by Deborah Schwartz, Consulting Director of the Brooklyn Expedition, in collaboration with Bret Eynon, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY.

Many thanks to the curriculum development teaching team including: Barbara Auerbach, Antoinette Byam, O'Mayra Cruz, Elyse Doti, Linsey S. Johnson, Victoria Missick, Angela O'Dowd, Evelyn Polesny, Eva Rannestad, and Brenda Santos

The Expedition staff also wishes to thank Mike Wallace, historian, Director of the Gotham Center at CUNY, and author of Gotham; Jill Vexler, Cultural Anthropologist with a specialty in Latin American textiles; and William Seigmann, Curator of African Art, the Brooklyn Museum of Art for helping to guide and develop these lessons.

This Professional Development component was supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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